Real World Data & Evidence

Real World Data

Access to the full longitudinal anonymised patient database with an average of 7 years’ history per patient, from patient characteristics to clinical outcomes.

Data source

European GPs’ and Specialists’ data routinely derived from Electronic Health Records


Data are available in France, UK, Belgium, Romania and Spain
Germany and Italy are under development

Data type

  • Patient characteristics
  • Prescriber information
  • Patient medical history
  • Disease elements (diagnosis ICD-10)
  • Prescription (drugs and acts)
  • Treatment information
  • Lab test results


  • Pharmaceutical companies (Medical Affairs/ HEOR departments)
  • Academics
  • Health Authorities (FR, UK)
  • Partners


One-off, monthly, quarterly, half-year
Dataset, flat files

Type of use

  • Explore patient data to design clinical trials
  • Evaluate data for market access dossiers (eligible population, patient characteristics, patient clusters, cost per patient…)
  • Population monitoring
  • Compliance rates
  • Epidemiological studies
  • Solving specific issues
  • Publications
Real World Data

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