Real World Data & Evidence

Market Intelligence

Working beyond the data to support your decisions.

Quick and easy access to performance analytics based on Real World Data:

  • Monitor your market evolution
  • Personalise your dashboard to follow your KPI’s


Data source

European GPs’ and Specialists’ data routinely derived from Electronic Health Records


Data are available in France, UK, Belgium, Romania and Spain
Germany and Italy are under development

Data type

  • Data from prescriptions (drug, diagnosis ICD-10)
  • Volume in prescriptions and patients
  • Dosage
  • Duration of treatment
  • Market dynamics (new patients, switch, renewals …)


  • Marketing and Business Intelligence departments
  • Market Access departments
  • Health Authorities (FR, UK)


Monthly delivery
Web-portal Cegedim Health Data Lab (data visualization and analytics solution) to access standard dashboards and personalised reports

Type of use

  • Understand the market and analyse the dynamics
  • Monitor performance, product launch
  • Follow prescriptions by label
Market Intelligence

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