THIN® : The Health Improvement Network

THIN® : The Health Improvement Network

THIN®, The Health Improvement Network, is a large European databases network of anonymized Electronic Health Records. These anonymized data are transmitted by a network of voluntary physicians who firmly believe that supporting this kind of longitudinal data observatory benefits research and medical progress.

Cegedim Health Data provides access to precise, ethical, actionable and anonymized longitudinal data from the THIN® databases. It works with researchers, health authorities, healthcare practitioners, pharma and medical device companies. It supports them in several areas notably R&D, market access, medical affairs, and marketing, with the aim of improving public health.

The THIN® databases are used by leading healthcare authorities and research centers, and also by academics for numerous scientific publications: more than 2,000 scientific papers have been published. THIN® therefore contributes to advancements in patient care and outcomes, in the interests of public health.

Powerful and accurate data

  • 7 European countries: France, United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, Germany, Belgium, and Romania
  • Over 72 Million EHRs
  • More than 10 Million EHRs in a year
  • 7-plus year history (average)
  • More than 2,000 publications
  • Characteristics and clinical outcomes

Quick and easy access

  • Updated in near real-time
  • Delivered monthly
  • Dataset/ Data visualization/ Analytics Solutions

Compliant data

  • Anonymised data
  • GDPR-compliant

Referenced by health authorities and academics

  • EMA in Europe,
  • NHS & NICE in the UK,
  • HAS, CEPS & ANSM in France

Actionable data

  • Coded and structured data in a Common Data Model (OMOP mapping option)
  • Ready for Advanced Analytics and AI
  • For scientific and medical research

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