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UK data link glitazones with diabetic macular oedema

Pharmaceutical Journal 288:701

Validation of diabetic retinopathy and maculopathy diagnoses recorded in a U.K. primary care database

Diabetes Care 35(4):762-7

Macrovascular and microvascular outcomes after beginning of insulin versus additional oral glucose-lowering therapy in people with type 2 diabetes: an observational study

Pharmacoepidemiology and Drug Safety 21(3):305-13

Obesity and the risk of psoriatic arthritis: a population-based study

Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases 71(8):1273-7

Observational Study of the Association of First Insulin Type in Uncontrolled Type 2 Diabetes with Macrovascular and Microvascular Disease

Public Library of Science (PLoS one) 7(11):e49908

GLP-1 Receptor Agonist (GLP1ra) and Insulin Efficacy in Primary Health Care

Diabetes 61(S1):A276

A retrospective database study of insulin initiation in patients with Type 2 diabetes in UK primary care

Diabetic Medicine 29(8): e191-e198

Optimization of insulin therapy in patients with Type 2 diabetes mellitus: beyond basal insulin

Diabetic Medicine 29(7):e13-20

The impact of treatment non-compliance on mortality in people with type 1 diabetes

Journal of Diabetes and its Complications S1056-8727(12)00286-3

A comparison of duration of first prescribed insulin therapy in uncontrolled type 2 diabetes

Diabetes Research and Clinical Practice 94(3):442-48

Insulin usage in type 2 diabetes mellitus patients in UK clinical practice: a retrospective cohort-based analysis using the THIN database

British Journal of Diabetes & Vascular Disease 10: 178: DOI: 10.1177/14746514103706 59

Risk of acute pancreatitis in association with type 2 diabetes mellitus

Pharmacoepidemiology and Drug Safety (19): S1-S347
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